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Toxin-Removing Therapy for Swollen Ankles in Stage 3 CKD

Q: What can I do about swollen ankles? I have Stage 3 CKD with GFR 41.

Kidney-Expert: Your illness condition is in a mild stage that can be reversed well if you take timely as well as proper therapy.


Do you have Diabetes, high blood pressure, or other problem?

Q: High blood pressure. And take medicines to control it.

Kidney-Expert: It is good. As for your swollen ankles, it is because the extra fluids cannot be discharged from the body, to build up in the body. Due to the gravity, fluids will flow to lower parts of body, like feet and ankles.

Q: What can I do about it? What treatment do you suggest?

Kidney-Expert: In order to relieve swollen ankles, extra fluids should be discharged; to discharge the extra fluids, we should repair the kidney damage from the root to let kidney works normally.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is based on TCM and applied externally. All the medicines come from the nature and they do not contain chemical components. Experts choose the suitable Chinese herbal medicines and match them to minimize the renal toxicity and maximize the efficacy. The active materials of Chinese medicines can repair the kidney lesion at the same time restore renal function effectively. If you take it timely, it may be reversed to stage 2 CKD. what to wear for a maternity brides to a wedding

Q: It sounds good. I want to have a try, I will inform my family. These are my email and WhatsApp, we can contact freely.

Kidney-Expert: Great. I think so. And we will send you more details about the treatments, please check your email box and WhatsApp timely.

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