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what items to wear in the prom for tall ladies

These words I give take heed. For SheHag of arrogance: You have offended beyond you limits.
Your constant companion will be misery named Leslie the worst most hateful harmful and careless part of my departed wife.
All you touch will wither before your eyes for the world to see all you love will have your bad luck on them like stink on shit. You pets will hate you no money will come to you but that it get wasted away. Everything you need will break. You house will begin to fall apart tonight and by weeks end shall be noticeably damaged by anyone who should look. All who know you shall forsake you. Your food will rot in your cupboards and in the can and bottles. You vehicles will fail you away from home. If your High Arrogance should think this funny and dare chance a laugh you will choke as if a fist be stuck in your vile throat as the lies are jammed back from wince they came until tears stream down your face and fall to the floor. A permanant stain shall make the spot they touch. MY Daughter she begin to see thru to the pathetic evil you are and she will mock you and that nasty little waste you call Son. Yes hear me now as the words are truth. Leslie/ Wendy is at this moment with you and will not leave as long as My Daughter resides within your sick house of corruption and decay. Now enjoy my love as you have earned all you will receive. This will be a long and tiresome night like no other. what items to wear in the prom for tall ladies
So Mote it Be