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wedding selections in yellow

The christening of the Apology Garden was lovely!

We said our prayer, asked for blessings for our soil, water/rain, tools plants, wildlife and our community.

We finished with our ceramonial planting of yarrow and hyssop (2). We placed the smokey quartz in the soil with the roots of the hyssop and our seed plants (3) were partridge pea (Lucy), St. John's wort ( Maddie) and of course Karen seeded our sunflowers! The number two -our potted plants, represents our bonding to the land, and the number three our seeded plants represents family, and spirituality.

At the closing, each of them selected their own piece of smokey quartz. Each piece seem perfectly significant to the keeper!

We planted yarrow for its ancient ability to heal. With its presence, we ask for healing for this land, for all that visit this sanctuary and for those we love.

Yarrow ( Achillia millefolium)

I had been seeking the native white yarrow but red yarrow was "the one" who found me in the refugia garden. Red has so much love power that it is perfect for this garden. It is a selection named 'Paprika'-that made me laugh out loud, of course! We actually make some amazing paprika here at Sunflower Hill Farm so that herb name is totally fitting for our yarrow! Yarrow is a wonderful pollinator food plant that attracts beneficial insects as well! wedding selections in yellow

Hyssop ( Agastache foeniculum)

This native perennial plant represents "new begining". The baptismal plant that made itself available is a gold leaf form that came from the refugia garden, Agastache 'Golden Jubilee'.

The color gold has many meanings including an association with higher ideals, wisdom and understanding of self and soul-so necessary if this garden is to be an expression of our love of the land.

Jubilee has many meanings but the year of "release of the land" and forgiveness. This too seems fitting as we continue our "apology" to the enviroment as we restore and return habitat to the Farm! This pollinator food plant blooms a long time and attracts many types of pollinators!

Partridge pea ( Chamaecrista fasciculata)

This pea relative was the first of the three seedings we planted it with Lucy's hands. It is a ground breaking strong rooted but sensitive Missouri native annual in the legume family! It's small delicate looking but its ability to influence the soil and microbes with its nitrogen fixing abilities makes it a desirable and positive influence to every living creature its environment! (Like our Lucy!) It is an amazing Pollinator plant!

St. John's wort (Hypericum perforatum)

Our second seeding was Missouri native St. John's wort planted by Maddie.

This herb is thought to lift spirits with its sunny yellow flowers. It inspires comfort, safety and protection from negative energy. A companion plant that pairs well with whoever it shares a space with, it offers structure and stability through every season! ( sounds like Maddie!!!)

Sunflower ( Helianthus annua)

Our 3rd seeding was Sunflower seeds planted at the hand of Karen who is owner/ Primary Land Stewardess of Sunflower Hill Farm.

The perfect native annual, the Sunflower is a signature flower here at Sunflower Hill Farm! These bright and beautiful blooms inspire health and happiness for people, pollinators and wildlife. ( just like our Karen!)

Each blossom is individually unique. This flower represents the Sun, light, energy and vibrancy. These flowers represent the spirit and legacy of the this family and community oriented "haven", our farm family, Sunflower Hill Farm.

Please come, visit, enjoy, bring or send your heart rock ( wedding heart rocks welcomed too!)