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wedding dress for pregnant bride

Desperate to keep the church rules....

Its rather better you wed with yor pregnancy showing clearly on your wedding dress and allow the pastor, priest, congregation to talk whatever they want, than to abort the pregnancy and appear righteous in front of your pastor, priest, congregation etc, so that you will be among those that keep the church rule not even the bible rule. wedding dress for pregnant bride
Ladies stop aborting pregnancy because you don't want to wear your wedding gown with your belle swollen up simple because you wanna keep the church rule.
such thing is not in the Bible,
you are free to sleep with your husband once your bride price is paid, so getting pregnant before wedding when your bride price has been paid is not an abomination please .
Why not seek for church blessing and continue with your marriage.
God will give you double punishment for aborting that pregnancy in order to appear as a saint in front of your pastor.

Think about it