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What Makes a Man Emotionally Attractive?

May 7, 2016 by Sharon C. Jenkins 2 Comments
Sharon Jenkins believes the five senses are what binds the heart of a woman to a man.

the secret is out, a woman is mesmerized by a man when he is a master of the five senses: sight, smell, taste, hearing, and touch. A true romantic does not have to have the face of an Adonis, but he does have to be an emotional genius in order to understand the language of a woman’s soul. Let’s take a look at how these external clues can build an impenetrable bridge into a woman’s heart.
If you want to win on the battlefield of love, surrender by assuming the position of vulnerability.
The way a man dresses attracts a woman. You dress to impress a woman based on her preference, and you find that out by studying her. Be it bad boy blue jeans (Adam Levine) or business debonair (Ryan Seacrest), if you want the key to her heart, you’ll have to don the clothes that get her attention. I remember sitting in a movie theater years ago watching Lady Sings the Blues, a movie about Billie Holiday, featuring Diana Ross and Billy Dee Williams. Billy Dee Williams entered the bar in a white three-piece suit, and I instantly fell in love. Obviously, I love a man who can wear a suit that fits him like he was born into it.
A woman is also attracted to a man by the way he walks. Channing Tatum and Denzel Washington both get an A+ in that category. A man who can walk into a room and own it from entry to exit with unwavering confidence always gets the attention of the ladies. However, when his eyes zero in on that special woman in the room and they say you are the only one in the room for me, well that is when he’s made an emotional connection.
Secret number two, if you want to win on the battlefield of love, surrender by assuming the position of vulnerability. In the middle of an argument render a heart-wrenching look that says, “I am afraid to lose you, let’s fix what wrong so that I can get back to loving you.” A woman who never forgets anything, definitely won’t forget that personal private moment where she knows without a doubt that she means the world to you.
A man’s cologne, aftershave, or even suntan lotion attracts a woman. Matthew McConaughey, the sun-kissed beach boy, always has a gorgeous tan and looks like he smells just as good as he looks.
If you want her to remember you always and forever, don’t forget the power of men’s cologne. Katie Schenk in her article, 15 Sexiest Smelling Colognes (According to Women) listed the following popular scents with the ladies, Unforgivable by Sean John, Paco Rabanne – 1 Million, Fierce Cologne by Abercrombie & Fitch, Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb Eau De Toilette Spray for Men and Versace Eros. There’s nothing like a woman missing her man and holding his night shirt close enough to smell his alluring scent in his absence. So gentlemen, even though the scent of a man has just as much to do with the man himself as it has to do with the actual cologne, smell good and all will be well in her soul. vintage inspire wedding garments retro style
Taste is an often overlooked emotional bridge. Women love to be fed sweet things like fruit, candy, or chocolate, especially after its garnered a kiss from your sweet lips. History cannot record the number of times a woman has said, “He’s not much in the looks department, but that man sure can kiss.” The honey sweetness of your lips during a deep sensual kiss will leave a lasting impression. Recently I was watching the Steve Harvey show, and one of his guests described a suitor’s kiss by saying, “Steve, his lips taste like cherry lip balm.” So, yes the ladies do remember every detail about your kiss, including its taste!
Men, there is a commanding power in the way you speak. The deep rich cadence of your voice when you answer the phone demands a women’s attention. An unexpected masculine whisper of “I love you,” in the middle of the night will seal the love deal.
The anxious anticipation of your arrival after a busy day at work culminates only when she hears your key in the door. Her ears are waiting for that familiar sound so that the favorite part of her day can begin. The part where you two write another chapter in your love relationship journal.
A man’s hands can be a lethal weapon on the battlefield of love. Women love the protective way you pull them out of harm’s way when they are about to absentmindedly walk out into the street in front of an approaching automobile. You can make a women’s daydreams a pleasant departure from a hard day at work when she reminisces about the gentle touch of your fingertips as they skillfully memorized the contours of her body the night before.
If you want to really write a happily-ever-after ending to your love story, then create a lasting touching memory on your wedding day by firmly grasping her hands and looking into her eyes when she meets you at the altar. One of my most profound memories at a wedding is when the groom couldn’t take his eyes off of his bride as she was walking down the aisle of the church.
A woman remembers those moments when you go the distance to create an emotional connection from your heart to her brain. Keep it simple by remembering to connect with her by utilizing all of the five senses. When you are charting a pathway to capturing her heart, developing an emotional attraction is the key. A physical attraction is temporal, an emotional one will last an eternity.
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