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Super great information! I'm just going to ad that my probiotic is also freeze dried and has a special capsule to withstand the stomach acid so it can reach the digestive tract where it will be most affective. Which also means no refrigeration and it can withstand higher temperatures. That is why our bpu count is lower too, ours isn't dying off as soon as it hits the heat of our bodies or our stomach acid. It gets where it's supposed to be where it can it can balance the gut ... microbe. Also ours has 5 good strains, 4 incredible enzymes and one of those being the bad bacteria killer that truly makes ours phenomenal. Now this being paired with the new slim with a prebiotic that only feeds the good bacteria (most feed both) makes this a turbocharged probiotic it increases 2 of those good strains by 200-300% (Lactobacillus and bifodobacterium) it also increases the bodies natural akkermansia, check out the benefits of that! Makes this the best health duo on the market truly turbocharging your gut microbe. Search it if your curious. It's incredible! tulle covered items to wear of the wedding

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