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Ok, I said more to come, so here it is, exactly as I sent it to corporate and our general manager. If one of the current employees would like to copy and paste it to print out and post at work, I'm sure they would love that.

Though grateful for the position within your company and opportunity it provided me to get a foothold in my new home of Las Vegas, it saddens me that I feel it necessary to write this letter to address the reason for my resignation from Fist Transit.

In November of 2016 I was made aware that it would be possible through training within the company to get my CDL and not only continue working within the company but have opportunities for advancement. Upon requesting information about the position I was informed of the following.

1. I would need to get my CDL learners permit
2. I would need to put in a letter of interest

In order to do these things as I had only one year previously moved to Nevada I would have to obtain a local drivers license. To do this I would have to get my birth certificate. The birth certificate took nearly three months to get at a cost of $20 and the license cost me just shy of $60 and is valid for 6 months before I need to renew it, also at my own expense. I explain this process not because I want reimbursement but because I want all who read this to know that I was driven, and took the initiative upon myself to be a better employee of more value to the company.

I then used my own time to study and prepare for the written test needed to get my CDL permit. I succeeded my first time through as I've been told many if not most don't.

The very next day, April 1st I presented my letter of interest, though it was a crude hand written letter that simply stated I was interested in the position I was told that was all that was needed.

Thus far, to the best of my knowledge I had fulfilled all that had been asked of me. At some point during this whole process the attached image displays a memo that was on display in our break room. Of the requirements listed there, I have average or better than average attendance. Of the other requirements, I met them all without any gaps.

After turning in my letter of interest, I was informed that I needed to wait for our General Manager to return from leave. As this was only supposed to be just shy of two weeks I was not concerned with that wait. When the General Manager returned I was told they needed to have a discussion with her regarding the procedure for promotion within the company for me.

I didn't hear back on that for about 2 weeks. When I did hear back I was denied the position and given the following list of requirements, and please notice they are in addition to not only what I was told but also to the posted requirements.

1. No more than 3 attendance occurrences (which I had 5 with two due to drop off within 1 month)

2. No preventable injuries within 6 months (I had none)

3. No Customer complaints within 6 months (I had none)

4. No corrective actions within 1 year. ( I had 1 verbal warning, no corrective actions but that was counted.)

Upon receiving this denial I spoke with the union steward. After having a meeting with the General Manager He was told that they would work with me on the verbal warning if I could get my occurences down to the required 3. I had no problem with this and was willing to work with it as it would still put me with plenty of time to complete the training and get my CDL before the permit expired.

Upon meeting the requirements that had now been altered twice, I approached the General Manager again to inquire as to when the process might begin so that I could get my CDL before the permit expired and was informed that I would have to wait until the new union contract negotiations had finished. I was later made aware that those negotiations could take months to complete and would put me well past when my permit would expire. I again asked the union steward for advice and he spoke again with the General Manager who simply stated the same thing and would give no reason why even though they just finished training another person to get their CDL from within the company and were in the process of training yet another they had hired from outside the company that I would have to wait even though we were short drivers.

At this point I began looking for other employment. A year and a half working with the company and found that I was being put on a back burner was insulting to say the least. On top of that, the cost of getting my CDL permit was extremely prohibitive for a person with my salary and when I come to find that I was going to have to pay again to have it renewed and still have no guarantee of getting the training was not something I could afford to do.

In closing, the Las vegas branch of your company has in the past three months had 7 customer service reps quit and 2 get fired. They have in the past six months even had multiple drivers quit and a couple get fired. The same reason has been given for all those who quit. The pay is not nearly enough for the work and long hours we put in. The CSRs put in full 8 hour days on the curb of the airport outside in temperatures as high as 120 degrees and low enough to freeze water. Yet the starting pay is only $10.38 an hour with a small 31 cent raise after a year. The drivers lift luggage all day long for only $12 an hour. In all other cities, people in the same positions in your company make better wages. So because of the low pay and the lack of advancement opportunities I submit my resignation. I only hope that this doesn't fall on def ears and those in the future have a better experience than I. short formal dresses 2019