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seventeen prom dresses

If anyone deserves a happy birthday, it’s you baby! I should call you Schwarzenegger because you’re the strongest woman I know that has the strength to put up with me and my antics on a daily basis. You’re the best mother I know because no matter what, the kids are always your first priority. Every morning you’re up before everyone else, getting your mommy hustle on, making sure everyone is fed, dressed, and ready to go. Including me, your overgrown man-child who forgets where everything I touch is at, and your always right there to remind me. You bring me coffee in bed every morning and make my lunch for work everyday without ever asking you to, because that’s just the way you are. And never ask for nothing in return(except maybe a massage every now and then seventeen prom dresses ? ). And you’re the most beautiful woman I know who still gets my heart pounding like a seventeen year old on prom night. Thank you for everything you do for all of us baby. You make our world go round!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEAUTIFUL!!