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Tips to Reduce Double Chin:-

- Eat vitamin E and C rich foods (eg. Sunflower seeds, avocado, kiwi, citrus fruits, etc.).

- If you have loose skin, do face pack including your neck with egg white weekly once.


- Mildly massage your neck in an upward direction with olive oil or milk daily once.

- Reduce your body fat by regular exercise and healthy diet.

- Chewing a gum once in awhile is a very good exercise for facial muscles.

To Know More About Double Chin & Tips To Reduce It:- http://nirog.am/22Y6P2P

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How to Reduce Your Double Chin with These Easy Tips! | Dr. Revathi S Double chin is the accumulation of a layer of fat below your chin, between your face and neck.nirog.am red color garments for cocktail