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It really bothers me when people bash planned parenthood. I was 21 when I found out I was pregnant, without health insurance, and without an OBGYN. I had no idea where to turn.

I was scared to go to the planned parenthood in Rochester, due to protesters. Therefor, I waited an extra 2 weeks to go to the one located in canandaguia. It was a quieter spot and only open a couple days a week- reason why it took so long to make an appointment.

When I went there, they informed me I ... was 6 weeks pregnant. They gave me ALL the information that I needed. We spoke about ALL options, without steering me in any direction. They talked about termination, adoption & the next steps to keep my baby. I chose life, I chose my son, and I 100% love my decision. pageant celebrity wears with discount price

The next steps they shared were: where/how to acquire health insurance, and how to keep my baby healthy (eating right, no drinking, prenatal vitamins, etc.)

They did not judge, and they did not push me to make any choice. They were informal, respectable, helpful people.

PLANNED PARENTHOOD HELPS. They're not just a bunch of "baby killers" or witches like everyone makes them out to be. I support planned parenthood. Hopefully, the next girl that is in a situation like I was- will be able to turn to such a place.

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