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Hi my name is sandy Lovejoy and i got 2 stories for you the first story I'm going to tell you actually happened to my mother when she was about 15 or 16 years old my mother told me that a group of her friends and her decided to ride out to one local cemetery here in Hamilton,Ohio she said that they were hanging out near the gate on the other side of the gate was a sonar lighted cross that came on after dark. my mother was standing by the car door when she was tapped on the shoulder she turn around only find a ghost of a girl dressed in 1950's style needless to say my mother and her friends were scare and rode off the interesting thing is there is a local folklore in Hamilton,ohio the story goes in the 50s a young girl was walking near the highway to the her high school prom to meet her boy friend she never made it there she was hit and was killed it was said that on raining night you can see her walking along -my mother never spoke of it until i got into the paranormal thanks to my twin sister who own several haunted house books the 2nd story happened to me in 2014 several months before my mother lost her fight with Cancer in dec of that year my mother my aunt and a few of my cousins took the trip to Gettysburg Pa we arrived there in the middle of the day we were walking to a diner that was near the Jennie Wade house middle school prom dresses
as i was walking behind my mother i felt fine the next thing i knew i felt light headed and i felt like passing out and felt dizzy, honestly i think a entity passed through me i didn't my mother she would often gets freaks whenever i would get sick lol after i got "hit" i certainly cold it took me a hour to get warm up once we were at the Farnworth House taking in a ghost hunt while i sat and listen to our guide i felt something tug on my leg i didn't freak out i knew it was a small child thank you