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long Floor-length prom formal wears in red

Ok. What's really going on here? Have you all noticed that all of a sudden the media (television, movies, online or offline news sources, etc.) appear to be completely obsessed with demons, ghosts and all things supernatural. Have you also noticed this has occurred since the firing up of CERN? It is no secret the creators and operators of CERN stated their goal was to open another dimension and, if at all possible, open the very gates of hell. According to what has been in th ... e media the last couple of years, and reported by military around the world - CERN has been very successful in unleashing demons, and giants into our world. Now, instead of mocking and ridiculing people who claim to have seen ghosts, or demons etc. the media is full of this stuff - as if, it was some sort of disclosure. So, after 3 or 4 hundred years of being told by spiritless scientists and atheists this stuff does not exist and only the delusional and mentally ill see crazy stuff like this, now they are desperately trying to prepare us for what is coming. BUT like those who refuse to believe the tremendous amount of demonstrative evidence proving Clinton is evil, and Obama a traitor, so will there be people who absolutely refuse to admit this stuff does exist. And mostly because to actually admit any of this exists will rip their delusional, irrational little world to shreds. long Floor-length prom formal wears in red

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