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Ankara styles for weddings - Best designs

For any girl, the choice of a dress for such special occasions as a wedding is very important. After all, it must be the embodiment of beauty, tenderness, and softness. In wedding photos, women want to look very presentable. In this article, we will look at Ankara styles for wedding occasion. This information should help you make the right choice.

• What is important when choosing a dress for wedding occasion?

Before you go shopping in search of a dress, you first need to determine the style. Latest Ankara styles are very diverse. Every lady should make sure she chooses a style that will make her stand out.

If you are unsure of the best look, you can try several Ankara dresses to know which one make you look fantastic. Do not hesitate to try as many styles as you can. We are talking about a wedding here. Your look must be perfect.

• Nigerian wedding
Consider some of these tips when looking for an attire for a Nigerian wedding:

• Colour
Nigerian beauties are experimenting with the bright colours when it comes to beautiful Ankara styles. Make sure you find yourself a professional dressmaker. A design expert will know perfectly well which colours will suit you look and figure. One woman might look great in Ankara styles of cold shades, but another is even more spectacular when she wears clothes in warm tones.

• Length
Latest Ankara styles 2017 can be either reach directly to the floor, or to the knee. It all depends on your desire. In the first case, you will look majestic and elegant, and in the second - simple and sensual. Also, you will be able to show off your beautiful legs with these trendy Ankara styles. Wear high heels and you will capture the attention of many.

• Silhouette
The silhouette of a dress can also be different. You can try styles with a large lush skirt. For girls with an average body type, short and slender, this dress fits them perfectly. You can wear a blazer or jacket to up your game. So this latest Ankara styles for wedding will look perfect.

• Mermaid
This is one of the best Ankara styles for fancy occasions - a narrow dress that expands at the bottom from the knee. They are usually long. They accentuates the figure and showcase each of its contours.

• designs
At first glance, it may seem that all mermaid styles are the same, but in reality, they are completely different. Despite the obligatory tight-fitting silhouette, the top of the dresses can be very diverse - with open shoulders, on thin or thick straps, with one strap on the shoulder or through the neck.

One of the most important designs of the mermaid dress is the back. It can be completely open, have an asymmetrical neckline compared to the original shape, all kinds of embroidery and so on.

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In addition, these dresses can have cutouts from one or both sides of the waist, which looks very nice on girls with a slender figure. You can also find styles without sleeves or with long sleeves that fit perfectly with a round neckline.

Brave girls can opt for very attractive combinations of Ankara fabric with lace. Some fashionistas might even choose some daring dresses like the one shown below.

• Attractive-dress
These kinds of outfits are made from expensive and quality fabrics with beautiful patterns. It can be flowers or geometric figures. Also, large flower or chic bow, located on the bodice, embroidery at the waist and hips and other ornaments can dilute the strict design.

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It is worth noting that Ankara fashion is so diverse you will definitely find something for you regardless or your figure and style. Bright colours, elegant shapes, unique design solutions will make you look great.

• Sleeves
All fashionistas know about the trend of this season - it is dramatic sleeves. If you want be the cynosure of all eyes, be unique and trendy, you can choose this very interesting option.

• Accessories
If you want to look not just good, but stunning, it's very important to choose the right items: clothes, shoes, jewelry. Any little thing can either make you look like a goddess, or, on the contrary, show complete bad taste and spoil your beautiful look.

The bra should be of the same shape as the neckline area. It should certainly not peek out of your dress. Pay attention to this as it is often ignored and can destroy even the best look.

The choice of straps is also important: for non-standard styles of dresses choose bras with removable straps that can be eliminated or crossed.

• latest ankara styles 2017
Bag and shoes should also be carefully chosen. When it comes to colour of the bag- monochrome for a multi-colored outfit, and vice versa. If there is a print on a bag, at least one color should be in tone with the dress.

It is very important that the metal accessories on the bag should match the jewelry. For an evening dress, it's good to choose a small bag with or without chain. It can be placed in your hand or on the shoulder.

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It is crucial to choose the right pair of shoes. For an evening dress, it is better to go for high heels, and not platform shoes. Shoes should complement the dress as much as possible, and colour contrast is allowed only if the shoes are in similar colour tones with the dress or a colour on a small item of the dress matches the shoes.

Remember that all jewellery should be in harmony with each other. An ideal option is a jewellery set. Items made of metal and precious stones are very suitable. Otherwise, the design should be combined in the style and colour of the metal and stones. Do not put on the entire headset: select those decorations that are best suited to your dress.

• Best designs
A beautiful belt helps to emphasize the waist. The right belt should blend with the shoes and/or jewellery.

The belt should be expressive if the dress is simple in cut and fabric. If the attire is multicolored and bright, the belt should be modest, not attracting attention.

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You might also consider buying accessories such as a shawl or jacket. Pay attention to the feminine and delicate lace capes.

These clothes are worn at any time of the year and can be made of different materials. For cool evenings, a shawl made from natural silk, which blends with the dress (in tone or contrast) is perfect. It can be casually thrown on one shoulder, hung on elbows, or pinned to your body with a brooch.

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Taking into consideration the different shapes and patterns, it is an accessory that has as many faces as the wedding dress itself. It is very important that the jacket should look like an addition: in style, fabric, colour. The same fabric as used for the dress is often adopted. If the dress is sleeveless you may wear a bracelet instead of a ring. A unique hair clip will look good too. lace decorated but looks simple items to wear of the wedding

We hope you liked our article and became inspired to create an outstanding wedding look. Ankara is an amazing material which gives free space for imagination and can make you shine like a bright star at any occasion.