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items with sleeves to wear that maid of the brides like

I've sold closed to 300 Hotpots to over 70 people over of past two weeks and I'm so grateful for all of them. Well, it's not all about measuring your returns ( flaunting all the money you made online so you get more buyers.. uhmm ) but appreciating everyone you've crossed path with and be thankful for it. It's about putting in so much time, and hard work, and to be able to look back and tell yourself how much you've grown/learnt and the things you've accomplished. 6 months ago, I really wasn't doing ANYTHING(NOT EVEN WORKING)! Now, I've a full time job, a couple of part time jobs, school, and gotten both my driving and diving cert so # daddysgonnabesoproudofme # mommysgonnabesoproudofme

So here's what happened if you're even interested
I was expecting all my stocks to arrive on the first week of July, well it did but on the 7th day while I was in Tioman taking my Openwater Diving Cert. Less than half of the stocks were delivered to me and I only got the news few hours before it was due to deliver. That wasn't cool at all, because the connection in my resort was so bad it's hard to even load an image on Whatsapp. I was alone, in a foreign country, diving for the first time with a heavy heart.. Thank god, my Boyfriend found another supplier who's able to deliver one week later. That's a relieve, but I've to text / explain to every single one of my buyer. Thankfully they're all very understanding and were willing to wait for another week. To be honest, they could've bought it from someone else but they didn't. I tried my best to deliver to those whom needed it urgently with a $80 taxi credit from my boss and of course, my boufriend(again). Without that, I would've made a lost. Moving on, I got more buyers from items with sleeves to wear that maid of the brides like Aylna Neo after she did a shout out on her Instagram even though she really didn't have to ???? Every little thing they did might not mean anything to you, but it meant so much to me because without them, none of this wouldn't have been possible. ???? ???? ????

P.s/ I'm probably extremely annoying because I'm new, and I've tons of questions for my suppliers, courier guy etcetc.. Simple thing like choosing the size courier bag for delivery took me like an hour measuring and stuff ???? ????
But they're all so patient and willing to help ????