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A big lesson for me through these years is to never, never, carry shame.
No one has ever benefited from it.
This Throwback Thursday post has already been used a couple of times but re-reading it caused me to go back and pray through some places of shame and tearfully accepting God's truth once again, My hope is that you will be inspired as well.

Pamela Canto Peterson to inspire me August 16, 2018

I would like to go back and touch on issues in your past for our Throwback Thursday. Those dark days when shame smeared a stain on our souls.

In chapter 5 of Who's Behind The Mask? I really resonated with this lesson of being cleansed from past shame.

"Shame goes deeper than guilt or failure. It goes to the core of our beings, our souls. We experience shame when our mistakes, either real or perceived, become our identities and we equate ourselves with those mistakes: "I made a mistake: therefore, I am a mistake.""

They referred to shame in this book as, "The swampland of the soul, a place filled with its own monsters of thoughts, feelings, and words. The language or voice of shame says:

I can't really love myself because I'm . . .
not pretty enough, skinny enough, successful enough, rich enough, talented enough, happy enough, sexy enough, productive enough, nice enough, strong enough, tough enough, caring enough, popular enough, creative enough, admired enough, spiritual enough, etc...

Well I say ENOUGH with this smudge on our souls. We are enough! But it takes more than just saying it. We must go back to when the shame first spilled. What has caused us to feel these negative things about ourselves.

When Julie got married she looked so beautiful in her white wedding gown. We were all in a friends home for the reception and toasting with homemade blackberry spritzers. All of a sudden Kenny's grandfather's glass slipped and trying to catch it ended up with it being hurled at Julie's dress with the same force as Babe Ruth knocking a ball out of the park. hostess gowns for wedding

Blackberry juice covered her dress and white carpet. The stain was atrocious! Instantly the hostess grabbed the oxiclean and everyone began scrubbing the carpet as julie and Kenny worked on the dress. It was like a real live Oxiclean commercial, because in a matter of minutes all the stains were cleaned and removed.

It would have been so sad if all of Julie's memories picking out the dress, the alterations, and all the years of dreaming about being a bride were ruined by one mistake.

How many times does one instant of shame ruin our hopes and dreams for our lives?

What would be even more devastating is if she felt that this one mistake was her identity that it wasn't just the dress that was stained, but she was stained as well?

When Adam and Eve sinned, they were full of shame and tried to cover themselves. How many of you know covering up these mistakes never fix anything?

Jesus is like the miraculous oxiclean to our shameful stain. instead of covering up, go back to the memory when shame first took place, either forgive the person who made the stain, or ask God to forgive you for making the stain. Then allow His cleansing blood to remove the stain of shame.

Just like Julie who didn't walk around miserable because of the stain, but had an extra big smile and laughed about how well everything turned out, we can be joyful in how Jesus cleaned up our shame and now we are able to reflect our true identity as the perfect bride of Christ that is more than ENOUGH!