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There are people who judge us or should I say they assume;they think we are some "dadabiis"(children with silver spoons), they think they know us well because of their interactions with us or perhaps they had the privilege to observed us in person under one roof or in the society, for days, weeks or months and made their final conclusions.
Don't be deceived- we may not be the best or of royal descents or creme de la creme or your type/ standard kind of person...

Often than not people just look at you and assume who you are forgetting appearance can be deceptive. i've heard and encountered so many instances where people have thought well and still think i am "Dadaba" or "Debee" and i often ask what exactly makes you think i am one. I always get funny answers leaving me confused!

Poverty is not the end of the world neither is riches! we all strive to get somewhere so the fact that i dress decently, laugh, smile, talk ( people say i LAFA serf me this local Nungua champion), smell good, eat somewhere or use something doesnt make one good or better than another.
Remember, you dont know the real story behind it. But well,i guess i have just been made to understand whether rain or shine just smile and that doesnt mean all is well but people dont just get it. Why worry and brood over nothing and take the little Joy you have also away? Nope! i choose not to do so i wont let anything reap me off my Joy!
I cry and laugh sometimes when i'm in a fix and i think it's just a way of telling myself i still have some joy in there.

The fact that i dont beg on the streets doesnt mean i have it all or the fact that no bank is chasing me means i am rich. Let's just say it's leaving within your means and being happy! It's not being a deebee or dadaba! it's being content and happy!
Yes i'm daddy's little girl and i love being that forever and wont stop! but it gives you no right to call me a dadaba or debee even if that is what you even meant which we all know it's a lie!

The next time you might want to call me or someone that, ask yourself, is this really necessary? and if you can answer this question "what exactly makes you think i am dadaba?" very well and answers wont have to do with how i dress, eat, talk,smell,walk,smile,places i go, you dont think i worry, hustle,work etc. then ask yourself "So what?" na ay3 d3n? homecoming dresses for tall girls
so should i cry ? There's something more worth to living life for and there's sooo much to be grateful for so allow me smile and laugh and shake it all off wai, if i die, you will come and drink free malt too. Just be happy and content. Get it!

Post inspired by Nimat E. Tijani !