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greek styled items to wear of the prom

I moved back to my hometown and in with my dad. I need to clean up my act and thought the support of family (my dad) would help. Yall know me you know I have my childhood, my family and personal issues. Acquiring over the years unhealthy coping skills and habits. Im the first to admit it. So like I said moving back in with a parent, explaining all that, my want for change and need of help. My Dad has treated me like a burden, annoiance, and reminds me constantly of my past mi ... stakes and failures. So yes a year later I am living everyday with these same issues and barriated for them. Dad went out of town. When he does he wont tell me for how long or when hel be back because he tries constantly to catch me doing something wrong or fucked up. Funny thing is while he was gone I was reminded how much I love my alone time. I was comforrable at home, not being constantly watched w prith side eyes. I just watched movies, tried a lnew reciepe, baked a cake. Actually dodnt feel the need or pressure to be somewhere else. So Today spending time at home (or i should say my fathers home) I decided to clean up a little. wipe things down, catch up on my laundry, wash my sheets and pillow cases, clean the toilet and sink. Nice right...... greek styled items to wear of the prom
Then Dad walks in and this happens
got a red face psychotic look over me cleaning and rearranging things i was think while i did it he needs a womans touch
nothing crazy just moving a vase to another spot or angle
and i took this giant stack of superbowl paper plates unused from over the years 2008 that we dont use now and instead of them taking up the whole counter space and continuing to collect dust i put them in the cabinet
hes like what right do uhave to move my things telling me your about to be 31 and youve got nothing going in ur life. You sit in your room all day and do nothing. to get out
Asking me what will it take to get me out
how much money or do I want a new car.
Wtf Im so upset Im still shaking and this happened almost 20 mins ago

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