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Help me change my suit.

Hello, I’m William Deng. I am 32 years old. I have two college degrees, including a Masters in Finance. I live in the United States of America.

Despite all the things I have going for me, I’ve owned just one suit in my entire life.

It’s not all bad. It’s not because I can’t afford to buy a second suit…

I only own one suit because of a commitment I made that I cannot break!

I never dreamed of going public with this news, but stakes are too high and extremely important to stay secret anymore.

The big reason why I made such a commitment is that I want better for my community. In order to do that, I have to give up some of my needs for the sake of my people.

Its all began with education.

Education was my dream and to achieve that dream, I had to leave my home country of South Sudan, so I did. It was a Long journey from South to North Sudan to Egypt and eventually to the United States. Thank God, I was fortunate enough to make it to U.S.A!

When I finally made, I wanted to make sure that I stayed committed to achieving my dream because I came to the United States to get the education and bring it back home along with healthcare.

I knew from the very begin that I would have to make some serious commitments to keep me focused on my mission. The first step was to get a high school diploma! To keep myself committed and grounded toward achieving that goal, I told myself, “I’ll never wear a tie or dress code until my High School Graduation Day. That’s exactly what I did! college graduation dresses 2019

I started college with the same mindset and with greater commitment. I told myself that I wasn’t going to buy or wear a suit until my College Graduation Day. Once again, I did that successfully!

I graduated from college and finally bought my first suit and tie I’d ever owned. It was one of the greatest moments of joy and the most memorable feeling ever! However, I was still on my mission of bringing education and healthcare home to my community.

More focus on my commitment was needed! I told myself after college graduation that I will not buy my second suit until I build a medical clinic that will save lives of my people in South Sudan.

I am going to do just that in a few months. It has been a long struggle for me personally because I have given up so much and worked so hard because I devoted myself to accomplish this mission for my people.

The sad part is that my suit can’t fit me anymore! But I cannot break a promise because I continue to lose people I love to Malaria as a result of lacking medical treatment and clinic.

The great news is that I am much closer to my goal more than ever and just need little help to get to the finish line! I set a goal 3 years ago to build a medical clinic in 2019 and I am just a few months away from achieving this goal. I just need little help from you.

Why medical clinic instead of school?

Well, I have lost most of my families to malaria including my mother and my older brother recently. My brother was sick and because there were no hospitals in our village, we had to travel for a long period of time to get him the care he needed. My brother passed away by the time we finally made it to the clinic.

I'll never forget the moment I watched him die while holding his hand. I am living with that moment every single day. It never goes away no matter what I do. I have cried so many times, during so many occasions, because I completely feel lost without the people I love.

The anger, pain, and devastation from losing my family continue to destroy me inside and refuse to go away unless I can find a solution and building a medical clinic is the only solution I see.


Like any war worth winning, it's going to take all of us working together to achieve victory! We can win and will defeat malaria by building a medical clinic and providing medical supplies in my village where malaria outbreak is taking place.

Please donate now. Your donation is a step toward victory and toward defeating malaria in my village of Aweil East, South Sudan. This is a mission that can be achieved and I am not resting until it is accomplished.