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Why Men Always Ask You For Sex Before
" Why do I end up with the worst of men?
Why do I always experience one sided
love in a relationship? Why is mine
different? Why is it all sex? Is there no more love?"
These were the rhetorical questions and
heart cry of a lady. I decided to provide
some answers to these questions because
of several other ladies around the world
who are going through the same ordeal. Ladies, I tell you the truth, true love is
real, but it is not cheap. Every important
treasure on earth comes with a price tag.
Your hunger for True love will cost you to
say no to so many relationships, delete
some numbers from your phone, cancel some appointments and separate yourself
totally from so many fake people. If you
don't really know what you want in a
relationship, you can fall for anything. But
when your mind is already made up on
what you want, you won't even need to ask those questions up there because you
won't start a relationship without a
divine destination. Many people have
found true love who dated them for years
and married them without having sex
with them until their wedding night. I am in a relationship with one of the most
beautiful women in this world but we
have never had sex even for once. It is not
because we don't like sex. It is because
we are born again and true born again
Christians don't have sex before marriage. Secondly, we want to honour
God in our relationship. Thirdly, we love
each other more than sex itself. Now
what do you learn from my story? If you
want to experience real love, first you
must be born again. Because without Christ, your relationship will always be in
crises. After salvation, the second thing
you need is decision, make up your mind
that no man will see your pant until your
wedding night. Make up your mind that
no man who has not paid your bride price will touch your breasts. Make up your
mind to die a single than to get married
to the wrong person. When you have
defined what you want, the next thing
you must do if you want to get your heart
desire is to become the right person.If you are a cheap girl, you will also meet a
cheap man. If you are a sexually loosed
girl, you will also meet a sexually loosed
man. You will always attract who you are.
If the men coming to you are always
asking for sex, check yourself something is wrong with you.It could be that you
always dress and look sexy instead of
saintly. Any time someone looks at yon
and says, "you are looking sexy". It means
you are looking like someone who wants
to have sex. If you reply thank you, it shows where your problem is. A married
woman is the only lady who has the right
to look and dress sexy only in her
bedroom with her husband. A single lady
who is not yet married has no business
dressing or looking sexy. Who are you dressing or looking sexy for in the public?
Except you are looking for a man to sleep
with you. As a single lady, you should
always dress and look saintly. Men should
look at you and see Christ in you as the
only hope of your glory. Men should look at you and desire to serve God. Men should
look at you and appreciate the dignity of
womanhood. If you wear only bra and
pant in the presence of a man, why won't
that man ask you for sex. Men are sexually
aroused by what they see. If you can dress decently whether you are alone with a
guy in the house or in public, the chances
are no man will ask you for sex before
marriage. It could be because all they see
in you is just your breasts, buttocks and
fine face nothing spiritual or godly that could refrain them from mustering nasty
thoughts about you. A man should look at
you and see greatness in you. If a man
looks at you and see a great woman of
God in you, he won't ask you for sex even
if he is a he-goat. That's why as a single lady, you should not only waste your time,
energy and money buying all kinds of
make up. Invest your time, energy and
money to buy books, attend seminars and
invest in materials that will develop your
capacity and build up your personality. Another reason why Men Always Ask You
for Sex Before marriage could be that
your thoughts are not far from sex. If you
always occupy your mind with sexual
fantasies , men will always ask you for
sex. Because as a man thinks in his heart, so is he. You are what you think. If you fill cheap sexy wedding dresses
and occupy your mind and thoughts with
immoral thoughts, pornographic pictures
and movies, there is no way it won't show
up in your relationship. If you you believe
in sex before marriage, you will surely see one man or the other asking you for one.
If you are of the opinion that love is a
feeling, romance or sex, you will pay
dearly for your wrong perspective about
love with every man who comes on your
way asking you to prove your love with sex. But love is not just a feeling. Love is
God. Love is showing someone the nature
of God. Love is Commitment. A Real man
won't ask you for sex before marriage.
Because love is patient, he will patiently
wait until your wedding night. Love is real, and true love is also real. Anyone can
find true love but it takes alot of godly
discipline and sacrifice to keep it. Love is
not partial because God is not partial. But
until you find God, you cannot find love.
True love is only hidden in God. Go to God and stay with Him and true love will come
looking for you.