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There's many articles coming out now on how not to pack on the pounds. Count calories, don't count calories, count macros & micros, weigh your food, eat a percentage of this & a percentage of that, use an exercise tracker & the list goes on. So how do we really know the right way to go about getting trim or staying trim when every time you read or hear something on the subject the strategies are so drastically different?

Some will argue that calories are created equal, a ca ... lorie is a calorie. So many calories of this are technically so many calories of that, but how do those calories affect us? In my opinion, it comes down to common sense. Most of us know what foods give us energy & make us feel good compared to foods that make us feel heavy & sluggish.

If we had a choice of fresh salmon or other lean meat & salad verses burger & fries at a fast food joint, which one would make your whole body feel better? The burger & fries might be good every now & then but it starts to weigh us down if we eat it too often. We know what makes us feel good & what doesn't. Again, common sense tells us that eating fresh, whole foods are nourishing calories & the junk food provides nothing but empty fat producing calories.

Is it more difficult in winter? Do you find your eating habits change in the winter? The veggies aren't fresh & available. The produce in the stores no longer tastes like it should. Are you reaching for more convenient foods? Or do you find yourself cooking more healthy, hearty meals at home?

Are you reaching for something to munch on at a certain time of day? If so, make sure you are occupied at that time of day so you're not thinking about food. We need to ask ourselves, 'am I hungry' or 'am I bored' or 'am I stressed'. Are we eating out of boredom, anxiety or are we actually hungry? Always have fruits & veggies available to munch on. If you find that your are hating yourself after eating a certain food, then you know it's something you need to limit. If you're going to buy processed snacks, buy the snack size bag (do they even exist anymore?) of chips rather than the jumbo bag. Buy only one chocolate bar, not three. Eat a good wholesome meal before going visiting so you won't eat all the tempting treats that they put out. If you can leave the food that makes you hate yourself in the store, then the battle is won! candy or blushing pink wears for flower girls

Eat for Wellness. Move Often. Sleep Lots :)

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