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Took the dogs for a walk this morning, Ayasha found a baby robin that had left the nest too soon. Poor bird was soaked from last nights rain and fatigued so much that it was unable to make a peep.

I promptly took the dogs home and headed back to the bird to see if there was anything I could do to help it. I found an empty nest two trees away. I felt it was appropriate to place it in that spot so I did. beach items to wear for the maid of the brides

Then I came home and started researching what I could to aid the lil ... birdie. Shortly I returned to the nest where I had left the bird with proper food to see if it would eat. Sadly, the bird passed away, at least it was able to have its last few breaths back in its nest.

I did learn some things about what to do (or not do) as well as what to feed (and not feed) a baby bird. To my surprise, worms are actually a "no no".

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