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Late Night and Lattes with Londyn!

When I was pregnant, the doctors found "soft markers" for Down syndrome on Londyn. Since I had triplets, the blood work to confirm would've been inconclusive and all the other tests were way to dangerous. Our Dr. recommended "selective reduction" (abortion) for Londyn (which was completely out of the question for us). We know a lot of families who have kids with DS and they are amazing! JuneBridals short mini prom gowns suitable for skater

It was still very stressful my entire pregnancy and sof ... t markers remained the whole time. It wasn't until she was born that we knew she didn't have DS (which I was prepared for but 3 babies alone was going to be a lot of work).

We named her Londyn Faith because we really had to learn to have faith over fear. We clung to the verse, "there is no fear in love. Perfect love drives out fear." (1 john 4:18)

So as I watch this video, I always think about what the doctor suggested and I can't imagine one moment without Londyn. Down Syndrome or not, this little girl is so loved!

My prayer and hope for you if you are struggling with fear, is to ask God to hide you in his love, to draw you deeper into it, to whisper to your heart the truth you need to hear so that his voice is louder than anything else.

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