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June Bridals maxi floor-length prom formal selections

2-4 zone


IF you are a 'holy' person, leave now.

Do not shut out dirty talk during sex. If you want to scream 'OTU DI UTOO' or 'BURA SOSEI' feel free. If you want to recite 'Mary had a little lamb' as she mounts you, enjoy yourself.

Try artistic work on his penis . Not necessarily for oral sex, but as foreplay. If he is still a novice, he may release before the actual act.

Do you know the power of a well-packaged cleavage, nne? Use it. Imagine how he will feel when his eyes flick over the low-cut dress at the dinner table. Sadly, despite all their sophistication, many modern Nigerian women are incompetent, breast-wise.

Bro, try bongi in the kitchen. Or when she is hanging clothes out to dry. But there are qualifiers, abeg. The type of place you live matters. You cannot go fucking like that in a public yard. Then your woman must be the free-minded type. Then both of you must agree on such radical stuff.

Before I go, if you guys ever go for a public occasion in suit and formal dress and the old urge catches you or you want to spark it into life, do some work with your hands and feet under the table. Many years ago, I was in the bar of a top- class hotel in Awka and in the public of igwe mmadu, this guy stuck his staff of office into the soil of his babe in a low-cut red dress. Whether other people noticed, I have no idea. But I nearly choked in my glass of beer. The babe was a coolL one. Her facial expression showed only slight surprise. Then she relaxed, but I knew fire was on the mountain. I quickly lowered my glass, paid for my drink and left before unholy thoughts took over. June Bridals maxi floor-length prom formal selections

love you, guys.