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So let's talk about vaginal discharge:

-The vagina itself is the muscular tube that stretches from the vulva to the cervix.
-It has mucous inside. It's supposed to have mucous.
-It's supposed to be moist. ...
-Vaginal discharge is the vagina's way of cleaning itself and it maintains a balance of healthy bacteria. It doesn't need your help. It's got this.
-Discharge is acidic. That's why your panties will sometimes change color as if you spilled bleach on the inside of the crotch.
-Discharge can be clear or whitish, depending on where you are in your menstrual cycle.
-The texture of your discharge can be whitish and stretchy (which indicates ovulation) or clear and sticky (indicating sexual arousal).
-Every woman has a scent that's unique only to her and it's normal. You aren't supposed to smell like flowers and candy, though. The scent will change during ovulation, sexual arousal, and pregnancy.
-It's a good idea to get comfortable enough to examine your own discharge by washing your hands, inserting a finger inside and examining the texture, color and scent of your discharge. Don't be scared, boo.
-If your discharge is clumpy (cottage cheese consistency), foamy, has a foul odor, or is greenish/yellowish in color that would indicate either vaginal irritation that come from certain soaps, douches, vaginal sprays, sex OR an infection. June Bridals long floor-length formal collection in black

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