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June Bridals ivory or beige wears for flower girl

Abortion is maurder ! I believe if you stop a heartbeat which is about 3 weeks pregnant and from that day forward .. I might not like Trump for many reasons but he did just make it where our tax dollars will not pay for abortion ! Like state insurance exc . He did not ban abortions ! If you personally chose to end your Childs life then you pay for it ! Not me or any other people who are against it . There are to many loving people who would gladly raise your child then for yo ... u to take the easy way out ! It just shows how weak and selfish people are . If you don't want children then don't have SEX! If you were sadly raped and became pregnant that is not the child's fault atleast you can do is birth that child and give that blessing to someone who day in and out pray to be parents ! I know it would be very hard to make that choice but life and morals and love are not easy ! That baby even unborn is not at fault and is apart of you ! Maybe you don't believe in God but still do you believe in being a decent human being because last time I checked killing an innocent Baby is about as low as it comes .. now I know friends that I love dearly that have made a choice to end a pregnancy and I dontt hate them for it at all . People make decisions often times it's when they are to young or nieve to what they really want .. but honestly I am 100 percent against killing innocent babies . If you feel this takes away ones rights then I guess next time some one maurders a child or even your child then we should just be ok with it because it's their right , huh ? If you want to not be my friend because I think killing is wrong then by all means please unfriend me . Some of these same people I see posting trying to save animals from being killed and voting for a no kill zone for animals are ok with the killing of a human .. come on people is the human race really turning out to be such a heartless race ? June Bridals ivory or beige wears for flower girl

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